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Nuking Nature: The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Birds, Bees and Trees

What are the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphone towers?

In this hi-tech world, we have come to depend on technology for our everyday business, communication, and educational needs. Cellphones are mandatory, as are computers, the internet, wi-fi, and wireless bluetooth devices. Most of these tools of communication function by means of electromagnetic fields, which we cannot see, and therefore don’t really give much thought about. But, could these electromagnetic fields – that we are surrounded by on a daily basis – be compromising our health, and the health of the environment?

The birds and bees have been behaving strangely lately; bees have simply disappeared in many parts of the world, in a phenomena known as ‘colony collapse disorder’ (CCD), and mass mortality of many bird species has been recorded on numerous occasions in various parts of the world, for no apparent reason. Birds simply fall out of the sky, crashing to their deaths by the thousands. In addition, large tracts of forests have also experienced unexplained die-off. Scientists have now linked these phenomena to electromagnetic fields produced by cellphone masts and antennae.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Birds

In colder climates birds naturally fly towards heat for warmth. Cellphone masts operate using microwave technology, which produces heat that consequently attracts the birds. However, it is believed that the microwave radiation can either kill the birds instantly, or within a short period of exposure. The onset of mass bird mortality incidents coincides with the introduction of 4G cellphone networks, which operate at a much more powerful microwave frequency to 2G or 3G networks. These 4G cellphone networks produce microwave radiation that is thought to resonate within the body of a bird, effectively nuking it – a theory that is supported by the extent of the internal injuries found on dead birds, which are in line with the injuries that microwave radiation produces.

Migrating birds use the Earth’s electromagnetic fields as a method of navigation; electromagnetic fields emitted by cellphone masts, and high power lines are believed to confuse them, causing them to become disoriented, often with fatal consequences. This could explain the high rate of bird collisions with cellphone masts and power lines, which results in the death of thousands of migrating birds annually. Disorientated birds may also fly off-course, landing up in less hospitable countryside, where food and shelter may be inadequate, which may ultimately compromise their survival.

Studies have shown that birds that breed near cellphone masts have reduced reproductive success compared to birds that nest further away. The impacts include negative effects on mating behavior, nest building success, egg viability (fertility), and chick survival.

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Bees

Bees too are affected by cellphones. A recent study conducted on bees showed dramatic behavioral changes in bees exposed to cellphone radiation. By monitoring and measuring the sounds made by the bees, the researchers established that bee piping – an auditory signal emitted by worker bees to announce the swarming process, which is also evident in a disturbed bee colony – increased dramatically when cellphone handsets were placed in close proximity to the bees. Could the increase in cellphone usage, and the consequent proliferation of cellphone towers, be disturbing the bees and causing them to move away?

Birds and bees play a vital role in ecology and agriculture, as they are essential tools of pollination, seed dispersal, and are important components of ecological food webs. We simply cannot afford them to move off, or fall out the sky en-masse. What is more disturbing, is the possibility that the effects of electromagnetic fields from cellphone radiation are not limited to birds and bees – perhaps what we are witnessing is just the tip of the iceberg. Studies have revealed that cellphone radiation also effects the behavior and reproduction of rats. Could this also be causing mass die offs of other organisms, such as fish, which have been reported more frequently lately?

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Human Health

A review of 919 studies conducted by scientists around the world on the effects of electromagnetic fields from cellphone masts on animals, birds and insects, showed that 593 of these studies proved that cellphone masts have a negative impact on plants, wildlife and humans. There have been various international studies conducted on the health risks associated with extensive cellphone use, and electromagnetic fields from cellphone towers on humans. Research shows that electromagnetic fields from cellphones can cause brain tumors and other forms of cancer; reproductive defects and infertility; neurodegenerative disease, memory and learning disorders; as well as stress responses, such as sleep disorders, headaches, depression and lethargy.

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