Fire Savvy: Tips for Fireproofing your Home

    Fireproofing your home can save it from an approaching wildfire.

    Every year hundreds of hectares of land are destroyed by raging wildfires that burn uncontrollably, causing devastation to the natural environment, farmlands and often to homes and property in their path. Because fires usually occur in hot, dry, windy conditions, when conditions are favorable a small insignificant smoldering fire may be fanned into an out of control inferno in no time at all, often flaring up in many different places simultaneously, making it difficult for fire fighters to contain all fronts with their limited resources, leading to runaway bush fires. Fireproofing your home can save your property and your life in the event of a wildfire approaching too close for comfort. This article offers some practical tips on how to make your home more fire-resilient.

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  • A Burning Issue: The Ecology of Fire

    Ecology of fire is a complex and burning issue.

    Fires are powerful forces of nature that have the ability to destroy, define, and shape ecosystems. While fires can be extremely destructive, and devastating to the environment, they are natural processes that are an essential part of ecology, and are widely used as a land management tool.

  • Human Lives Are Not More Important Than Animal Lives

    That’s right, animal lives matter. A lot. The article below, which was posted on Captain Paul Watson’s Facebook page, is so profound, I have republished it here as I believe it is something everyone on this planet needs to clearly understand.